Get Gephardt: DoorDash employee says his account was hacked and his pay stolen

A Utah family decided to Get Gephardt after twice, money they earned was deposited into someone else’s bank account. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) — Laura Lewis and her husband, Michael, work for DoorDash delivering food. It is the family’s primary source of income.

"That's what's helping us stay afloat right now until I find a full-time regular job," she said.

Laura has enjoyed the work. She can drive when she wants and she gets paid weekly, with her earnings directly deposited into her bank account.

But twice, money earned by Michael has been deposited into someone else’s bank account. Laura claims someone hacked his DoorDash account and changed the bank account number.

The first time the money was stolen, DoorDash re-sent it. But they won’t do it again for the second theft.

A DoorDash spokesperson told Get Gephardt the company, along with Laura and Michael, are victims of a "social engineering scam."

DoorDash denies a "breach" of its systems, writing, "We have become aware that third-party scammers have obtained password information from some dashers."

DoorDash lists multiple ways the company has tried to help employees protect their money, but when we asked why it can’t simply send a paper check, DoorDash wrote, “Direct deposit is the only way that dashers can get paid to ensure they get their checks on time and that the checks are deposited in the right account that they've verified with DoorDash. "

Laura and Michael deny ever sharing their passwords and the couple says it is now limiting how much they drive for the company because they can’t afford to work without pay.

"I have pretty much stopped,” Laura said. “I hardly ever drive for them any more."

According to federal law, employers can mandate that employees receive their pay via direct deposit and refuse to issue you a paper check.

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