Get Gephardt: Local dental group accused of being slow to provide refunds

Get Gephardt decided to investigate Grandpa's Dental after receiving three different complaints from 2News viewers. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) — Get Gephardt has received three separate complaints about a local dental group in recent weeks.

Jack McQuivey's late wife paid up front for dental work she never received. He says he's been fighting all year to get a refund and, when a check finally arrived, it bounced.

Mike Oliver says his grandfather died trying get a $3,800 refund he'd been owed for more than a year. After Mike blasted the dentist on social media, he was told he'd only get the refund if he signed a form promising to remove the negative reviews — including any made to Get Gephardt.

Sharlene Mellor got dentures, but they don't fit in her mouth.

The dental group in question is called Grandpa’s Dental, which has a handful of offices along the Wasatch Front. Get Gephardt reached out multiple times by phone, email and on Facebook to ask about Sharlene, Jack and Mike's issues. Nobody from Grandpa’s Dental responded.

Get Gephardt stopped by the company’s office in Murray and were greeted by a man who refused to give his name or title with the company.

He refused to answer questions directly, saying that Get Gephardt is, “part of the fake news,” and that Matt Gephardt was, “not a great guy.”

He also stated, “Whatever you heard is a lie.”

Not answering questions is a pattern for Grandpa's Dental. The company has been slapped with an "F" rating by the Better Business Bureau. The BBB says it's received seven complaints from customers, and the company has failed to respond to any of them.

Before kicking Get Gephardt out of the office, the Grandpa’s Dental representative said there are “proper means for getting answers to questions," suggesting that those who have issues with workmanship or refunds should take “legal means,” emphasizing that calling the press is “not a legal means.”

Sharlene, for one, wants to take some of those legal means. She filed a complaint with Utah's division of occupational and professional licensing, which oversees dentists, but therein she found a problem. Sharlene says she was seen by different dentists and never got their names.

"[DOPL] says there was nothing [it] could do for me until I got names,” Sharlene said. “I don’t know how to get ahold of those names."

As for Jack and Mike, each eventually got their promised refunds.

By law in the state of Utah, a business is required to provide a promised refund within 30 days.

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