Get Gephardt: Prescription formula delays force toddler’s mom to fork out big bucks

Trisha Fulmer decided to Get Gephardt when the company she had to order a vital prescription formula for her daughter failed to deliver on time. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) — Two-year-old Meg’s body doesn't process food, so she takes a specially-designed baby formula. She's been using it for 18 months and will likely have to have it for the rest of her life.

"It's a formula that you can't get in any stores,” says her mom, Trisha Fulmer. “You can't just go pick it up at any pharmacy. It has to be special ordered."

Trisha's insurance says she has to go through Apria Healthcare for the formula, which costs her about $60 per month. But Trisha says getting the supply has been riddled with problems.

"They say, ‘OK, we'll have it to you in three to five days.’ I usually wait a week. I don't hear anything from them, so I call again," Trisha said.

Trisha says some months, she waits three to four weeks to get the formula, forcing her to try and find it elsewhere. But even when she finds others have it available, she still is facing a massive cost issue. Without being able to use her insurance, it's super expensive.

"It's anywhere from $300 to $400 a month just for the formula," she said.

All Trisha wants is for her daughter's formula to show up on time.

“It doesn't feel like they care about the health of the person," she said. "I want them to get my order right the first time and just get it sent out when they say it will."

Get Gephardt reached out to Apria Healthcare on Trisha and Meg's behalf. Their spokesman didn't want to talk to us on camera, but told us they're going to do better. He stated the formula is a special order, but that was no excuse not to have it available.

Apria said it would be assigning one specific person within the company to handle Meg’s prescription going forward to, hopefully, avoid future complications.

Trisha says Apria is living up to their word. This month, for the first time, the formula was delivered on time.

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