Lehi solar company shuts doors leaving customers in the lurch

    <p>Evelar Solar made him a deal: if he was able to recruit new customers, Evelar would pay Matthew Perry. He says he recruited three customers but his reward has never come and Evelar has stopped returning his calls. (Photo: KUTV){/p}

    (KUTV) -- Matthew Perry had solar panels installed and he's been happy with them. He is, however, not happy with the company from which he bought the panels.

    “They owe me a pretty good chunk of change," he said.

    Perry says Evelar Solar made him a deal: if he was able to recruit new customers, Evelar would pay him.

    He says he recruited three customers but his reward has never come and Evelar has stopped returning his calls.

    "I got the run around for about six weeks and then they quit answering their phones," he said.

    Jason and Sarah Goodsell are also frustrated with Evelar Solar. The panels they had installed two years ago have been under producing.

    Jason says he complained to Evelar which promised to return and inspect the system, possibly installing additional panels, but that has never happened.

    Now they are stuck with payments on and under-producing system, which means they also have payments to the power company they weren’t expecting.

    Get Gephardt’s calls and emails to Evelar were not immediately returned and when we stopped by their Lehi headquarters, we found the doors locked and a notice of eviction taped to the door.

    After weeks of leaving messages, we finally were able to get a response from the company’s director and president. Through a hired public relations firm, Spencer Angerbauer describes a messy fight with company investors.

    Evelar was trying to "grow" the company, Angerbauer spokesperson’s statement reads, but couldn’t meet their obligations to the company’s investors, Keystone National Group and Black Oak-Evelar-Mezzanine Debt, LLC.

    Keystone eventually foreclosed on Evelar, seizing the company’s assets.

    “This, of course, created catastrophic consequences for earlier investors (including Spencer Angerbauer as the largest individual investor), and for vendors and customers awaiting installation or requiring service.”

    Angerbauer’s spokesperson went on to speculate that Evelar’s assets are being used by a new company called DesignWatt, LLC, which “should be addressing the pending installations and service.”

    “We believe DesignWatt is being run and supported by the two lenders, Black Oak and Keystone, who foreclosed on Evelar before the new funding was closed,” she said.

    Public records show that a company called DesignWatt, LLC has been registered with the state of Utah using the same address as Black Oak’s. Also, Black Oak’s managing partner, Gregory Seare, is DesignWatt’s registered agent.

    Get Gephardt emailed and called Seare. We heard back from a lawyer who stated he is authorized to speak on Black Oak’s behalf.

    “Black Oak has never had any of Evelar’s assets or been responsible for its liabilities,” Black Oak’s lawyer wrote. “Black Oak does have an interest in DesignWatt, LLC, which is a solar company unrelated to Evelar.”

    Black Oak’s lawyer wrote that Keystone, which took Evlar’s assets, has nothing to do with DesignWatt, contrary to Angerbauer’s assertions.

    In an email, Keystone’s Chief Financial Officer Bradley Allen confirmed that it “completed a foreclosure of [Evelar Solar’s] assets,” but declined to comment further, directing questions about customers back to Angerbauer.

    Angerbauer says he has been working to try and help Evelar customers who have received solar panels that may break or need warranty work. His spokesperson states manufacturer warranties are still valid and that another solar company, Alliance Solar, “has agreed to step in and assist with service issues” and will “provide a free service assessment for any and all past Evelar customers.”

    Get Gephardt attempted to confirm the statement with Alliance but our call was not immediately returned. Alliance Solar can be reached at (888) 453-3578.

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