Get Gephardt: Lender repeatedly loses auto lease payments

    Chris Montgomery decided to Get Gephardt after his car lease lender repeatedly lost his payments. (Photo: KUTV)

    (KUTV) — Chris Montgomery leases his new truck, but paying that lease every month has become a gamble.

    That's because, twice now, the payment has left his checking account but hasn’t been applied to his loan with Bank of the West.

    "They were coming out of my account but the Bank of the West was saying it never got to them," he said.

    Montgomery said the first time it happened he was able to resolve it with Bank of the West, but it took about a month to get resolved. Now, again, the same issue—only this time there does not appear to be a fix in the works.

    "They just told me that they lost it and they don't know why," Montgomery said. "I'm afraid of hurting my credit for sure. I'm also afraid that I'm going to have to pay another payment that I don't owe them."

    Not sure where else to turn, Montgomery decided it was time to Get Gephardt to investigate.

    "I just want them to quit losing my money," he said.

    Get Gephardt reached out to Bank of the West on Montgomery’s behalf, but the bank didn't say much. In a statement, a spokesperson wrote that they "work diligently with clients to resolve any matters that may arise."

    The bank refused to comment specifically about Montgomery’s situation.

    Just hours after Get Gephardt contacted Bank of the West, Montgomery got an email telling him they found his payment and they wpuld be back-dating it so there wouldl be no late fee or credit damage.

    Montgomery said he is happy but also worried it could happen again.

    "It's a little frustrating that somebody else has to call and talk to them to get this thing sorted out," he said.

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