New report shows "huge" number of ad for dogs are scams

New report shows "huge" number of ad for dogs are scams (Photo:KUTV)

Even people who deal with scammers every day, like Utah Better Business Bureau President Jane Driggs, are floored by how pervasive puppy scams have become. A report from the BBB reveals that about 80% of the advertisements that are out there for puppies are “fake.”

“That’s a huge number,” Driggs says. “I knew they were out there, but 80% is amazing."

Photos of dogs are posted on online classified ads, but more often than not, the dog doesn’t actually exist. Scammers will often ask for money to be wired to cover vet bills or shipping.

Most victims are in their 20s and 30s and end up wiring losing between $100 and $1000 though some have lost considerably more,” the report states.

The best way to protect yourself is it see the dog, Driggs says.

“The big thing is you want to see the puppy. You want to know that the puppy actually exists and never ever wire money to get a dog."

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