Not rain nor hail nor sleet nor snow -- but one thing did make mail service stop

Not rain nor hail nor sleet nor snow -- but one thing did make mail service stop (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Mike Tyne and the other residents of the Salt Lake City apartment complex in which he lives used to be able to step out their front doors to grab their mail. That all changed a few weeks ago when the building’s landlord's dog barked at the mail carrier.

The dog never bit anybody but it was enough of a scare that the mail carrier said he would not be returning.

To appease the mail carrier, the landlord installed a cluster box so the carrier wouldn't need to set foot anywhere near the landlord's dog.

Still, the mail carrier will not deliver the mail.

Tyne says both he and the landlord have protested to the U.S. Postal Service, but to no avail. If Tyne and his neighbors want their mail, they must schlep to the post office to get it.

"It’s very frustrating,” he said. “I work two jobs. I have to fit it in somewhere in between. Sometimes you go a-week-and-a-half without getting it and there's important things that you need.

"I want to get the mail back being delivered."

In a statement to Get Gephardt, a spokesperson for the US Postal Service writes:

The safety of our employees is of paramount importance to the Postal Service. Repeated dangerous encounters with an unrestrained dog at the apartment complex prompted the need for the landlord to install centralized mailboxes.

After Get Gephardt pointed out that the service had not been restored despite the cluster box’s installation, the USPS said mail service would be restored immediately.

“We apologize for any confusion in the start-up of that service but look forward to the safe delivery of mail to our customers,” the spokesperson wrote.

The landlord told Get Gephardt that there was only one instance he knows about between his dog and the mail carries, and the dog was on a leash. Either way, both he and Tyne are glad to have mail coming again.

According to national statistics, dogs biting mail carriers is a real problem.

In 2016, mail carriers reported being bitten or chased by a dog 6,755 times. 30 of those attacks happened in Utah.

When a mail carrier feels threatened, the postal service's policy states the carriers are instructed to bring the mail back to the post office. A supervisor then notifies the customer of the issue.

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