One-click online purchase backfires with $638 shipping charge

One-click online purchase backfires with $638 shipping charge (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Vern Purser wanted a pedestal fan and he wanted a good price. He found one on for $58.51.

"There's this button on there that says, ‘Buy with one click,’" he said.

Purser clicked and, just like that, the fan was en route. A few days later, however, he got a troubling email saying the shipping costs were $638.

Purser says he immediately tried to cancel the shipment, but was told the fan is already on its way. When it arrived, he refused deliver and it was returned to Texas.

But now he can't get anybody to refund the shipping costs that he feels are outrageous.

“I think it's a rip off," he said.

Amazon wouldn't answer questions about this case, saying instead they work directly with customers to resolve the issues. But just like that, good news for Purser.

Immediately after Get Gephardt’s calls to Amazon, Amazon refunded the entire $698 he paid. Purser said Amazon told him it is a "gesture of goodwill."

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