Postal workers complain of being dangerously overworked

Postal workers complain of being dangerously overworked

(KUTV) Dan Cawley works in a law office relies on punctual mail.

"We have things going out that are really time sensitive that have to be replied to within a few days according to the courts," he said.

But lately, the mailman doesn't always show up, he says.

"We weren't getting mail for two or three days straight," he said.

Cawley says he's talked with his mail carrier who complained of being overloaded with work.

It's not an isolated complaint.

Get Gephardt has been approached by two separate mail carriers who vent a similar gripes. Both asked to remain anonymous to avoid being fired.

In an email, one wrote that carriers are being forced to work "beyond 12 hours daily," and into the dark and arguably dangerous hours of the night, "as late as 10:45."

Worse, the letter alleges postal workers are being denied necessities like "using the restroom" and "drinking water" even on hot summers days.

"Several carriers were hospitalized with heat related injuries," the letter states.

Get Gephardt found that in the past year, three separate complaints have been filed against the USPS’ downtown Salt Lake City branch with OSHA, the group that investigates workplace safety and injuries.

OSHA declined to provide copied of the complaints sue to an investigation is ongoing. Its website does list the nature of the complaints as "health" and "safety" related.

In a statement, USPS did not address the health and safety allegations directly. Spokesperson Brian Sperry wrote, “We appreciate all of the hard work our employees are doing to ensure that our valued customers’ packages and mail are delivered in a timely fashion.”

Regarding complaints of delayed service, Sperry wrote, “The Postal Service is committed to making safe, timely and accurate deliveries. We continually review our staffing and scheduling and make necessary adjustments in order to enhance our services.”

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