Get Gephardt: Salt Lake City man fights for promised refund from tailor

Luke Mann decided to Get Gephardt when he couldn't get a refund for his custom suit. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) — Luke Mann hired a tailor to make him a custom suit back in April of 2017. He paid $650, up front, but when the suit was delivered a couple of months later, Mann says it wasn’t right.

"It was the wrong color, nothing fit,” he said.

Mann returned the suit and says he demanded a refund but, of the $650 he paid, he's only even been sent $100.

Worse, Mann says the tailor has stopped responding to him.

"I’m just frustrated,” Mann said. “He was a friendly guy, a good guy. I just don't understand why they had such an inversion to responding and to dealing with what's owed to me".

When Get Gephardt reached out to the tailor on Luke's behalf, we heard back right away. He defended not responding to Mann, stating that he has changed his phone number. Get Gephardt did reach the tailor on a different number than the one Mann said he had been using.

The tailor blamed the refund-delay on "confusion," saying it would all be straightened out.

True to his word, just two days later, Mann was wired the $550 for which he’s been waiting for more than a year.

"He called me and said there may have been an oversight and I'm like, yeah, you owe me money,” Mann said.

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