Who is sending Utah Medicare patients letters about their changing coverage?


(KUTV) -- Greg Carlson got a letter in the mail that made him suspicious. It states that changes are coming to his Medicare insurance.

The letter asks for his name, age, phone number and it also has a line for his signature.

"That's telling me that somebody wants that information to do something,” he said. “Am I going to be put on numerous mailing lists?"

One thing the letter doesn't say is who sent it.

“My concern is people are going to sign this thing and send it in and they don't know what the consequences of doing that are going to be," he said.

After talking to friends and relatives who also got the letter, Greg decided it was time to Get Gephardt to investigate from whom the letters are coming.

We tracked the source to Draper, Utah, and company called Kellogg Insurance.

Owner Ronald Kellogg confirmed the letter came from him. Kellogg specializes in Medicare. He hired a company out of Texas to send out the flyers to try and drum up leads for prospective clients.

The letter was supposed to have his company's name on it, Kellogg says. He blames the Texas company for leaving it off. Get Gephardt confirmed with that company, indeed, Kellogg had requested his name be on the mailer.

As for asking people to provide their signatures, Kellogg says that’s a way for his company to gauge whether or not the person who filled out the card read it.

"They don't have to sign it, but if they do sign, it just shows the agent out there in America that they're more interested in finding out more about what the card says," he said.

Medicare did undergo some changes that are going into effect this year. Both the program administrators as well as groups like the AARP are strongly suggesting people on Medicare to review their plans, even if they are satisfied with their current coverage.

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