19 million calories and 2 years later, Salt Lake City's GREENbike sets national record

Photo: Daryl Lindsey/KUTV

(KUTV) Salt Lake City's GREENbike program set a national ridership record in early November, passing 100,000 rides for the season.

"Our 2015 goal was to increase ridership and hit 66,000 rides by the end of December," said GREENbike director Ben Bolte. "By the end of the first week in Noember, we already exceeded that goal."

Utahpolicy.com reports Bolte says the explosive growth illustrates that more stations means more convenience, and more convenience means more riders.

Each GREENbike has been used more than 500 times, the site reports.

Salt Lake City's program, which opened in 2013, now offers about 200 bikes and has 25 stations around downtown. No other bike-sharing system like GREENbike has reached as many rides so quickly, with as few bikes.

Ridership increased by almost 300% after five new stations and more bikes were added in May. This earned GREENbike an award at a national bike share conference in September.

"If we were to substantially expand the system, the possibilities are near limitless," Bolte told utahpolicy.com.

Collectively since opening, the program has eliminated more than 1,300,000 vehicle miles from local roads, and helped users burn almost 19,000,000 calories.

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