2 Draper wildfires keeping fire crews busy

    2 Draper wildfires keeping fire crews busy

    (KUTV) Two wildfires sparked Wednesday in Draper – one of them is still burning, and investigators believe it is human caused.

    The Corner Canyon Fire was first reported on the morning of Wednesday August 3 at approximately 1:30 a.m. with an unknown cause and is now 100 percent contained and controlled.

    The Jacob’s Ladder Fire sparked Wednesday evening. It continues to burn near the Ghost Falls Trailhead in Salt Lake County, approximately 1.5 miles east of the LDS Draper Temple.

    "It was more of a challenge than we thought initially." Brandon Robinson, Fire Information Officer with the US Forest Service said, speaking of the steep terrain where the fire is burning.

    "Fire crews still have some hot spots and deep pockets they need to get to.”

    Crews hit the fire from above with water from a helicopter.

    "We were able to get some helicopter buckets to drop on it, which helped out a lot today,” Robinson said.

    Fire investigators have determined the Jacob’s Ladder Fire was human caused - involving motorized equipment in an area that is closed to all motorized vehicles.

    Everyone is reminded to operate motorized vehicles only on designated routes. For more information on Off Highway Vehicles/Motorized Vehicle Use Maps, visit FS.USDA.gov.

    If any members of the public have any additional information regarding the early stages of this fire, or observed anything, they are encouraged to contact U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement at (801) 733-2668.

    The Jacob’s Ladder fire is 15 percent contained and has burned two acres. All the trails in Corner Canyon are closed to the public.

    Draper City also found two campfires lit in prohibited areas, one in Ann's Tunnel, the other in Memorial Cove.

    City Officials are urging residents to be careful when recreating during these hot, summer days.

    “With all of the dry grass, it doesn't take much for these fires to ignite in these conditions." Robinson said.

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