2 people in custody, main suspect still at large in Riverton/Herriman shooting

Suspects (Photos: Salt Lake County Jail)

(KUTV) - Two people are now in custody in relation to the officer-involved critical incident that happened Saturday in the Herriman/Riverton area.

Two people were arrested by police: Tasha Llewelyn and Misty Llewelyn. A third person in custody was released.

Bail for Tasha Llewelyn is set at $10,500. She's accused of providing false statements to police.

Police say 33-year Justin Llewelyn opened fire on UPD officers Saturday, then shot a Riverton resident multiple times near 4900 W and 13500 S.

He then allegedly stole that resident's vehicle and took off.

The vehicle was later abandoned near Ashland Ridge and Emmeline Drive.

Several neighborhoods were asked by police to shelter-in-place while they searched for the suspect. Church and neighborhood watch alerts were also issued, urging residents to stay indoors.

Llewelyn has an extensive record with multiple bookings into the County Jail over the past 15 years.

Neighboring states have been notified that he is on the run.

At least one school in the Herriman area was placed on a lock-out Tuesday while police took those 3 people into custody. A lockout means the main doors were locked so that no one could come in or out of the building. That was simply done out of an abundance of caution.

It's not clear what role the three may have played in the whole incident. They'll be questioned and charges may be filed against them in the coming days.

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