3 University of Utah students take Uber across the country

3 University of Utah students take Uber across the country (KUTV)

(KUTV) A quest for adventure has taken three University of Utah students on a journey across the country.

The three are taking Uber to get from New York to San Francisco.

With a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the trip, Daniel Ruales, Josiah Purss and Ryan Bliss are telling the stories of the Uber drivers that are taking them on this trip.

"We figured what better way to showcase the diversity of our country then to meet a different driver in every major city across the country," said Ryan Bliss.

"Our drivers have gone from people who are here from Afghanistan to someone who is from here and has grown up here, but has a crazy story of being adopted and not being able to find her parents," said Daniel Ruales.

The plan is to put the drivers' stories into a documentary.

"America is the people, that's what America is and every person here has an incredible story," said Josiah Purss.

About 3,246 miles and $3,696.32 later, they made it to San Francisco, and they have some pretty good stories to share.

They said they did break a world record. Their longest ride was from Kansas City, Missouri to Denver, Colorado. That single trip was 610 miles and cost $640.

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