500 residents sign petition opposing Grantsville ordinance to prohibit decorating graves

    500 residents signed a petition opposing a Grantsville city ordinance prohibiting decorating graves. (Photo: KUTV / Bronagh Tumulty)

    (KUTV) — A petition circling in Grantsville has been signed by hundreds of residents in a few short hours.

    It concerns a plan to enforce a decades-old ordinance that would require residents to remove any lights, presents or decorations around grave sites by November 1.

    Petition organizer Necole Anderson said that’s just not OK. She has multiple family members buried in the city’s cemetery, including her daughter, who died at the age of 9 after a bad accident.

    Anderson visits the cemetery regularly with gifts for the graves. She said it helps bring her some comfort as she continues to mourn.

    However, she told 2News other members of the community have complained about the decor, which prompted the mayor and the city council to send out a notice to residents. That notice was seemingly included with the last water bill sent out. It says in part:

    “...any object NOT kept on the headstone will be removed and disposed of by cemetery personnel”

    At the time this story was published, Anderson had collected more than 500 signatures opposing enforcement of that ordinance. She said she plans to present them to the city at the next council meeting on September 19.

    2News tried multiple times to get comment from the city on Tuesday, but received no response from the mayor’s office.

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