60-Year-old snowmobiler rescued after four nights stranded on Heber Mountain

60-Year-old snowmobiler rescued after four nights stranded on Heber Mountain (Photo: Wasatch County Search & Rescue)

(KUTV) -- A 60-year-old man was rescued Tuesday after four nights stranded on Heber Mountain.

David C. Hales of Heber City was discovered by two Wasatch County Search and Rescue pilots in the morning hours following search efforts that had begun Monday night in the mountains east of Heber City.

Hales reportedly left his Timberlakes cabin Friday for a 30-minute snowmobile ride when his machine ran out of gas and he made a wrong turn.

He said that because of the deep snow he could not turn the snowmobile around, the Wasatch County Sheriff's Office reported.

Hale decided to build a fire and then began walking. He was reported missing Monday at approximately 8 p.m. He was found an estimated 14 hours later from when law enforcement received the initial report of his disappearance.

Hales was transported to Heber Valley Medical Center where he is receiving treatment.

Wasatch County Sheriff's Office said the helicopter used by its SAT Team is owned by the developer of the Alpine Air Park Refuge, and is operated by Brian Rowser, a Wasatch County SAR member.

"Our Search and Rescue Team was paged to the area to and began searching that evening. They were assisted by the Summit County SAR Team and the Utah Department of Public Safety," the sheriff's office stated in a Facebook post. "On March 13th at about 12:00 a.m., the SAR Teams were called-off the mountain and resumed early the next morning. At about 9:45 a.m., two pilots who are members of the Wasatch SAR Team, found the missing individual ..."

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