68 cows escape in Davis County, spotted on roads, neighborhoods

68 cows escape pasture in Davis County, spotted on roads, neighborhoods. (KUTV)

A total of 68 cattle escaped their pasture late Tuesday night in West Point in Davis County.

The cows escaped their pasture near 3000 W. 300 N. in West Point.

The cows were spotted in multiple spots in the area, including on roads and in neighborhoods.

Most of the cows were black or dark brown in color, making them difficult to see at night on dark roads.

"It's hard to see as it is, and then you have a black cow standing in front of you in the road, it could have been bad," Dave Passmore of the Davis County Sheriff's Office said.

Davis County Sheriffs were able to find the owner of the cattle, who was able to round them up and get them back to their enclosure.

No cows or people were injured and no accidents were reported.

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