A Father whose son fell 40 ft to his death is calling his son's friends 'heroes'

A Father whose son fell 40 ft to his death is calling his son's friends "heroes" (Photo: Dan Rascon/ Twitter)

(KUTV)- Monday night, Keltin Ouellette fell through the roof at the Wagstaff Crane Service warehouse facility in Murray at about 4500 South and 300 West around 9 p.m.

Two friends were with him that night, Zachary Burk, 18, and Darius Farr, 14. Both spoke exclusively to 2News Dan Rascon along with Keltin’s father Phillip Ouellette.

Phillip says he’s calling the boys ‘heroes’ because they didn’t run and hide but stuck around, called 911, and performed CPR until paramedics arrived.

“They stepped up above and beyond. The difference between a coward and a hero is one runs one doesn’t,” Ouellette said.

“I want to make sure that this tragedy doesn’t eat at them and destroy who they can become. I don’t want a young kid to lose his life and still be alive,” Ouellette said.

Burk and Farr say they were out for "a little bit of adventure" when they found a hole in the fence and climbed on top of the building. Once one top, Keltin started running across the roof when suddenly they heard a loud crack.

“It cracked and he tried to leap off of it and he put a little more pressure on it to try and leap off and it broke and he fell through,” Farr said.

“He fell through and I tried to grab him,” said Burk. “It just happened so so quick”

The boys ran to where Keltin had fallen, they were scared but say they did everything they could to try and help their friend.

“Because he needed help because I if I didn’t stay there who would have, he would have just been laying there,” said Farr.

It all happened right across the street from Keltin’s girlfriend home. She tells 2News that Keltin was like a father to her two-month-old baby boy.

“My best friend, my everything. He would do anything for anyone,” a very emotional Aubree Bright said. “I’m really blessed I met him and I’m really grateful he’s reached out to me.”

Keltin’s funeral is scheduled to take place on Saturday afternoon in Layton. Two candlelight vigils are scheduled to take place. One on Saturday night at Crown Billiards in Clearfield and one Sunday night at a skate park across from Davis High School.

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