Utah woman with 33 items in her closet shows you how to simplify your life

Utah woman with 33 items in her closet shows you how to simplify your life (Photo: KUTV)

Courtney Carver believed she was living the life. She was on the move in a high profile ad sales job and spent her free time filling her closets with new clothes and her living room with new furniture.

Carver says in retrospect, all the “stuff” didn’t make her happy, in fact, it was a burden, that was making her ailing health only worse.

In 2006, Carver had one of those moments that change a life.

She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and after doing research she found that her best way to a healthy life was to reduce, as much as possible, the amount of stress in her day.

She started by paying off credit card debt, changing her eating habits, and then ultimately cutting out as much of the useless stuff in her life as possible, “We had a 2000 square foot home, garage, attic, storage in the back yard, just filed with stuff,” says Carver, “nothing meaningful, nothing that I remember nothing that I miss," Carver said.

Carver says she got rid of 90 percent of the things she owned. In addition, Carver and her husband eliminated unused space, “we decided to downsize, we went from 2000 square feet to about 900 square feet,” says Carver.

The downsizing didn’t stop there. Carver began Project 333 and challenged people to slim down their bloated wardrobe suggesting that people keep just 33 items in their closets every three months.

Carver says since Project 333 was introduced, tens of thousands of people have whittled down their closets to just a few items.

Carver says getting rid of all the stuff has altered her life.

Since 2006, Carver has quit her job and has been writing and speaking on life simplification ever since.

She has a popular blog and has written a new book called Soulful Simplicity.

How Living With Less Can Lead To So Much More.

The book went on sale the day after Christmas and Carver is headed out on a national book tour starting January 4th, in Salt Lake City.

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