Advisory board votes to oppose proposal to pave parts of Dimple Dell

The Dimple Dell Advisory Board met Wednesday evening to discuss the future of the park. After hearing public comment from more than 20 residents, according Monica Zoltanski, Monica Zoltanski, founder of the Dimple Dell Preservation Community, the board voted to oppose the current proposal to alter and pave parts of the park.

The board will report its findings to Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams. Eleven voted in opposition, two abstained, and one voted in favor of the trail, according to Zoltanski.

Sandy City and Salt Lake County announced plans last week to poll residents of the southeastern sector of the county to find out what the public wants to see happen to Dimple Dell.

When 2News asked Tuesday, the county was not able to give a timeline on when the poll would be administered. They told the public Wednesday the estimated cost would be around $15,000.

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