After shots fired on I-15 police say they had no choice but to shoot back

After shots fired on I-15 police say they had no choice but to shoot back (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV)- Utah County Sheriff Deputies are defending their actions to shoot back during a near deadly shootout on Wednesday evening along a busy I-15 in Springville and Orem.

During the shootout in Springville, one 21-year-old Provo man who had run out of gas and was on the side lane of I-15 was hit in the shoulder.

Another bullet went through the back window of a pickup truck carrying a family of 6. Investigators say the bullet blew out the back window and came within “inches” of a 4-year-old in a car seat and the father who was driving.

“He displayed a complete disregard for the safety of other people,” said Sgt. Spencer Cannon with the Utah County Sheriff Department.

Cannon says it all started at a Flying J gas station in Nephi when the suspect, Arturo Ray Gallemore-Jimenez, locked his keys in his truck. Instead of calling for help he shot out a window to get inside.

Police then pulled him over in Springville as he was heading northbound on I-15.

“That’s when he reached out the window and fired at the deputies,” Cannon said, deputies then fired back.

Cannon says during the shootout is when they believe the victim was hit. He doesn’t know if the bullets came from deputies guns or the suspects.

“What happens if you don’t do that and he were to get away,” Cannon said. “There is concern about what this guy thinking what does he want to do.”

Cannon says according to records the suspect has a criminal history in seven different states and has suffered years of substance abuse.

“It scares us that there are people whatever is going on in their life they get to a point that these are the kinds of actions they engage in,” Cannon said.

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