Pole Creek, Bald Mountain Fires burn more than 90,000 acres; Pole Creek 23% contained

Crews announced 23 percent containment of the Pole Creek Fire on Monday, September 17, 2018. The fire had burned nearly 72,000 acres at last report. (Photo KUTV)

(KUTV) — As of Tuesday, The Pole Creek Fire had burned 74,509 acres and the Bald Mountain Fire has burned 15,635 acres, according to fire officials on scene.

A Red Flag Warning for hot, dry, windy weather conditions was in effect for the day.

A control feature was put around the entire edge of the Bald Mountain Fire to help with containment, according to fire officials.

No new evacuations were put into effect.

No structures have been lost, and crews have only experienced minor injuries, officials reported.

The steep mountains continued to make it difficult for fire crews to battle the flames.

After a week of battling harsh Red Flag weather conditions, officials announced Monday that fire crews were able to reach 23 percent containment on the devastating Pole Creek Fire.

The fire, which had essentially merged with the smaller, neighboring Bald Mountain Fire by Monday, burned about 72,000 acres on its own.

Combined with the Bald Mountain Fire, the total was about 87,000 acres.

The burned area from both fires was equal to about 135 square miles.

The two fires forced evacuations of some Utah County communities, while others remained on pre-evacuation notice.

Fire fighters battling the blaze had faced difficult weather conditions known as "Red Flag" days, which mark extremely hot and dry weather. That, coupled with fast-moving winds, helped the fires grow rapidly in size since Thursday.

More mild weather on Monday allowed fire fighters to rely on air support to contain the flames, which had previously been prevented by wind conditions.

At least 1,000 fire fighting personnel from Utah and other parts of the U.S. were called to the fire over the weekend.

The Pole Creek and Bald Mountain Fires had been ranked numbers one and two, respectively, on the national list prioritizing fire fighting air resources, fire officials announced in a press conference on Friday.

Fire crews were expected to continue to fighting the fire into the night, working to increase containment from the progress made on Monday.

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