Alleged victims of 'polygamous ninjas' break their silence

    (KUTV) The victims of the so-called "polygamist ninjas" fear retaliation by the sister-wives, the family told 2News in their first interview since the bizarre and traumatic break-in.

    Raven Blackwing, 22, and Tylynn Southwick, 19, allegedly jimmied the back door of the West Jordan home early in the morning last September.

    Fiances Jeremy Beck and Elizabeth Griego were sleeping when their friend, who was staying over, heard creaking near the stairs leading to the bedrooms. He saw two masked, hooded women in dark clothing and woke up everyone. Griego yelled for her children and hid them in one room. While the couple's friend fought off the first woman, Beck took on the other.

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    "She came at me with a stun gun, and I instinctively blocked it with my arm, and I hit her in the head, then proceeded to jump on top of her," Beck said. "I grabbed my sword on the mantle, unsheathed it and told her to sit down, that if she moved, she would lose body parts."West Jordan police arrested Blackwing and Southwick at the house.

    The two were charged with aggravated burglary, retaliation against a witness/victim and aggravated assault.Beck and Griego say they immediately recognized the pair, even with their disguises. The women who were arrested are the sister-wives of Beck's half-brother, Kain Blackwing, Beck said and investigators have confirmed. One is legally married to him.

    At the time of the break-in, Kain Blackwing was in Salt Lake County Jail awaiting trial for the alleged rape of Griego's then 14-year-old daughter.Beck and Griego believe the women had come to their home to kill their daughter - the victim and witness in the case.

    "They had knives; they had matches and a striker, a small container of Formalin, which I guess is used to knock somebody out," Beck said. Griego and Beck said prosecutors told them they are seeking a plea deal in exchange for probation for the women.The family wants prison time and they are concerned that, if the women are not behind bars, they will attack again.

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    "We don't sleep through the night," Beck said. "There's always nightmares." Fearing retaliation, the family is planning to leave the state and change their names.

    They have begun fundraising and set up a GoFundMe account, seeking $200,000 to help them disappear.

    "It will get us a good base to start in a new place. A new vehicle, a down payment on a place and enough money [to get] established somewhere," Beck said when asked whether the goal amount is more than necessary.

    Blake Nakamura, Chief Deputy at the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office says his office as well as Utah's Office of Crime Victims Reparations often provide some funds for victim relocation, including temporary or permanent housing, transportation and identity concealment, when necessary.

    Nakamura said prosecutors are, in fact, actively negotiating with attorneys for Raven Blackwing and Tylynn Southwick, but he did not comment on any potential plea deal, so as not to comprise the integrity of the case.{}The family's fundraising account can be found at the following link on

    Kain Blackwing pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of sexual abuse of a minor. He will be sentenced on Feb. 26

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