Amazon Flex drivers: 'We are not stealing your packages, we are delivering them'

Amazon Flex drivers: 'We are not stealing your packages, we are delivering them' (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) It's only been around in Utah for a few months, and it's meant to help you get your packages quicker, but it's scaring some people both homeowners and those making the deliveries.

It's called Amazon Flex, which is an Amazon delivery system. Here's the catch: Drivers will be in their own cars in normal clothes but they want homeowners to know they are dropping off your packages not trying to steal them.

Kelline Jones is one of the drivers and she said most of the time she loves her part-time gig.

But sometimes,“He chased me down in the neighborhood and he's like 'you just knocked on my door and left,'" the people she's delivering packages to are not thrilled with her. “He was just wondering why I was doorbell ditching,” she said.

Much like Uber and Lyft, Jones is an independent contractor for Amazon Flex. She picks up hours when she can. She heads to West Valley City to an Amazon distribution center loads up her car with packages and heads out to deliver them. But while she's happy with the comfort of not being in a uniform or marked vehicle, some of the customers are not.

“We're dressed normal, we drive normal cars, we blend in. We are not stealing the packages.”

Jones said they are a lot of benefits to the incognito service, because no one will know what they are doing in your neighborhood.

“We don't have anybody that will follow us, you know? Knowing that we have packages in our car for delivery.”

Something else, Jones said, will really help them out during this holiday season. She said it's really hard for them at night to see house numbers. She said go outside and make sure you can see if your house number is visible, it will help them make sure they get the packages to the right home.

KUTV reached out to Amazon about its new Flex program coming to Utah in September. Amazon sent this response:

We are proud to be offering more and more delivery options for customers. Whether it’s Sunday delivery, delivery to lockers or one and two-hour delivery with Prime Now, we are always looking for ways to delight customers by speeding up delivery times and making it more convenient to get all the things they want. Our size and scale supports new opportunities for us to improve the speed, quality and cost of delivery for customers.
Since day one, we have been building the infrastructure to support superfast delivery. Today we have several areas where we use our technological expertise to empower delivery companies of all sizes to work with Amazon. We also have Amazon Flex, which enables individuals to be their own boss while earning up to $25 per hour delivering Amazon orders on their own schedule. Amazon Flex partners use their own vehicles and take advantage of Amazon’s consistent volume to earn money. Regardless of the provider, we set high-standards to ensure a top-in-class experience for all customer deliveries.

For more information on Amazon Flex, you can click here:

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