Americans use 1.7 trillion gallons of water per year showering, report says

Americans use 1.7 trillion gallons of water per year showering, report says. (File photo: KUTV)

A new report is showing just how much water Americans use per year showering: 1.7 trillion gallons, according to a new report from

That's 33.6 billion gallons of water per week.

"Showers are usually the third largest use of water in the typical American home, accounting for around 17 percent of the water we use indoors," a report from says. "And according to Home Water Works, a website created by the Alliance for Water Efficiency, the average shower is 8.2 minutes and uses 17.2 gallons of water. Baths use even more water, about 35-50 gallons of water on average."

For reference, 1.7 trillion gallons is enough water to:

  • To fill 2.6 million Olympic swimming pools
  • To fill all the NFL and Division 1 college football stadiums more than 10 times over
  • It’s more than 15% of the water needed to replenish California’s drought losses, according to NASA
  • Fulfill the water usage of New York City for nearly 5 years

So how did the clean water advocacy website arrive at the data?

Simple math.

"The average shower lasts 8.2 minutes and uses 17.2 gallons of water," the report states. "The average American showers about 6 times per week, so the typical person uses 5,336.4 gallons of water showering each year. We then multiplied that by the current estimated population in the U.S. is 325.7 million to find the total water consumption associated with showering."

Tips to reduce your water usage are fairly simple, according to the report:

  • Use a low-flow shower-head
  • Spend less time in the shower
  • Capture and reuse the cold water that comes out when waiting for the shower to warm up.

The average American takes six showers per week, using 17.2 gallons of water for the average shower. That means the average American uses 5336 gallons per year just showering.

You can read more about the report here.

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