Artist gifts painting of homicide victim Elizabeth Salgado to her family

Artist gifts painting of homicide victim Elizabeth Salgado to her family (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Artist JR Johansen, who often creates paintings of LDS missionaries who pass away, painted Elizabeth Salgado whose remains were found in Hobble Creek Canyon last week.

He presented the painting to her family who was here to visit the site where here remains were found.

The Salgado’s were brought to tears by the kind gesture.

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Johansen expressed gratitude for the opportunity to create the painting in just one day.

“I feel a benefactor as opposed to the giver,” he said.

Johansen did not know the Salgado’s before he presented them with the painting but he’d seen many TV news reports about the disappearance of Elizabeth.

The former LDS missionary from Mexico had just completed her mission when she enrolled in English classes in Provo.

On April 16, 2015 she vanished after classes.

On May 28, 2018, a passerby found her remains in the Canyon.

Police are investigating her death as a homicide.

Johansen said he felt the presence of Elizabeth while he painted.

“I just felt her close. I got emotional. I felt she was real, she was happy,” he said.

He told Elizabeth’s mother that he felt her daughter would guide everyone to her killer.

Johansen said he is a man of faith and believes in life on the “other side”.

Elizabeth’s uncle Rosemberg Salgado, who was with the rest of the family during the broadcast of a Spanish-language radio show, said the family is asking people in the community to go to police with any information about Elizabeth’s disappearance.

He made a special plea to people in the Latino immigrant community who might have information but are afraid to come forward for fear police might check their immigration status – something he said police assured him would not happen.

“We know there will be justice for Elizabeth once we find the monster who did this,” he said.

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