State to pay Brewvies $474K in suit over 'Deadpool', alcohol and free speech

    Utah theater wins 'Deadpool' case over law banning booze (Photo: MGN)

    (KUTV) — The State of Utah was ordered to pay Brewvies $474,000 after a judge struck down a Utah law that landed the theater in trouble for serving alcohol during superhero film "Deadpool."

    U.S. District Judge David Nuffer in 2017 said state regulators violated the theater's freedom of speech when it tried to enforce a law that prohibits serving booze during films with simulated sex or full-frontal nudity.

    The state banned alcohol sales during the screening and threatened to fine the theater $25,000 for the violation.

    Brewvies originally requested $600,000 from the state to pay for its legal fees in the suit.

    "Brewvies is not an adult oriented establishment," Nuffer wrote. "Brewvies does not focus on sex. It shows the same movies that other, non-sexually oriented movie theaters show but with alcohol."

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