BYU welcomes caffeinated drinks on campus

Caffeine. (Photo: KUTV)

PROVO, Utah (KUTV) - BYU announced Thursday morning that caffeinated drinks will now be offered on campus.

In the mid 1950's the director of BYU Food Services decided not to sell caffeinated drinks. This decision has continued on since that time.

According to a news release, requests for caffeinated soda have increased as of late. BYU notes that customer preferences "have clearly changed and requests have become much more frequent."

Dean Wright, director of Dining Services, says BYU has already begun to stock caffeinated soft drinks to the inventory of beverages on campus.

Despite the change in policy, BYU will not be offering energy drinks.

Addressing those who would say that Dining Services should not be offering soda at all, Wright says, "We encourage our patrons to visit the Dining Services website where a program is available to promote not only healthy eating, but also a healthy lifestyle. The program is referred to on that website as EAT: Eat, Act, Think."

"This decision was not based on financial considerations," Wright continues, "We are simply working to meet the preferences of our customers."

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