Caught on camera: Thief steals Christmas bait package from doorstep in Clinton

Thief caught on security camera stealing Christmas parcel from front door (Photo: Justin McFarland)

(KUTV) - Package thefts are on the rise, and the latest one was caught on camera.

KUTV viewer Justin McFarland sent us a video of a theft in action.

The footage was captured around 3:42 p.m. Friday near 700 West and 1680 South in Clinton.

The only problem for the thief? He stole an empty bait box McFarland set outside to try and nab criminals.

McFarland posted the video on YouTube.

"When these clowns opened it up, they saw a 2nd empty box with a picture of my security cameras! I hope they pooped," said McFarland in a Facebook post.

You can see a man in black pants, a navy blue hoodie, and a backward black baseball cap walk up to the door and pretend to ring the doorbell before promptly stealing the empty parcel, according to McFarland.

You can see the suspect get into a red Dodge Ram King Cab, stock rims, with a hitch, and a silver/chrome toolbox in the back.

McFarland has alerted police.

If you know anything about this theft, call police.

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