Central and Southern Utah pounded with first big snow fall of the year

Feb. 3, 2016: "It snowed almost all day in Clintonville. We picked up another two inches on top of what we had yesterday. Here's a picture of a Waupaca County snowplow from earlier today." (Submitted by Tim Sweet)

(KUTV)- As crews with the Utah Department of Transportation in Cove Fort treated the roads and watched the blue sky Wednesday afternoon, it almost didn't seem like a storm was on its way.

But by 6:00 pm it was a different story, flurries started to fall and snow plow drivers hopped into their trucks and were on the streets within minutes.

Zane Yardley, Foreman for the Cove Fort crew said they deal with some of the most hectic snow storms in the region.

"In a storm like this we'll probably use between 300-400 cubic yards of salt." Yardley said and he added that they spray down about 10,000 gallons or more of brine, which is a salt solution, hours before the storm.

As the evening went on Wednesday night the visibility on I-15 for drivers was limited, one driver 2News spoke with, Ally Johns, who is on her way to California with her children, said she could see maybe 5 feet in front of her.

"Started out as kind of a time warp subtle kind of drove through it and all of a sudden I'm 10 miles out just pure white and black could not see a dang thing." Johns said.

A few miles of those conditions and with two children in the car, Ally ended up pulling over in Beaver and hiding out in a nearby Chevron Gas Station to escape the storm.

"I've never seen snow like this before not at all," Johns said "The worst scenario... if it doesn't quit within 30 will probably just stay for the night."

UDOT officials are warning people to be careful during this storm and ask drivers NOT to pass snow plows while they are clearing the ice and snow on the roads.

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