Challenger steps forward to run against Romney

Challenger steps forward to run against Romney. (Photo courtesy of Larry Meyers)

(KUTV) — A new Republican candidate has stepped forward to run against former Governor Mitt Romney in the race to win the Utah senate seat that Senator Orrin Hatch will vacate in Jan. 2019.

Larry Meyers, an attorney and former prosecutor from St. George, has thrown his hat in the senatorial race.

According to the Lieutenant Governor's Office, four other GOP candidates, including Romney, have have filed intent to gather signatures. Meyers will become the fifth.

When asked why he is coming forward to run against Romney, Meyers said Romney is "a liberal Massachusetts politician with establishment ideas, and ideals."

In a news release, Meyers further states that Utah is a conservative state with a firm belief in the Constitution, limited government, traditional conservative values, and state's rights.

"I just don't believe that Utah should be taken for granted by a big government liberal from the Northeast Seaboard," Meyers said in a news release.

Meyers is staffing national talent to give him a competitive edge in this now hotly contested campaign. He has brought Ken Crow to the table, a national grassroots Tea Party political conservative, and Alex Rountree, who helped coordinate Judge Roy Moore's primary victory in Alabama.

Watch Meyers' first campaign video:

Meyers graduated from BYU Law School and lives in St. George, Utah with his wife Marlee. He has three sons, the youngest of whom is currently on an LDS mission.

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