Christmas Box author makes eyebrow raising comments

Christmas Box author makes eyebrow raising comments

(KUTV)- Richard Paul Evans is the beloved author of the Christmas Box and the Michael Vey series. His Utah roots make him a popular beehive state read, but lately, he has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

At least one fellow female author has accused him of inappropriate behavior claiming that he touched her inappropriately and kissed her at the Comic Con Convention.

Evans, in a sit down interview with 2News reporter, Chris Jones, addressed the allegations against him. He also ventured into unexpected territory saying that "there is a war on men, and that men, white men in particular, are under attack, oppressed by a changing culture, victims of an extremist feminist agenda."

“There are books written that say, again that men should be taken out, that they should account for no more than 10% of the population, well that makes men feel like Jews in Nazi Germany,” Evans said.

Although Evans admits he did hug, kiss, and tell the woman she was pretty he says he did not intend to make her uncomfortable. “I wasn't trying to objectify her, I was trying to lift her up but clearly that came across wrong,” Evans said.

“I think it's a new reality. If it was uncomfortable for her then it was too much, that's the bottom line, I never intended to hurt someone,” he says.

However Evans says he thinks its possible that innocent men are being plowed over in this current #MeToo Moment, and says on some level he is the victim of that as well.

“These trends tend to swing too far the other way where innocent men are being caught up in, and we're in a culture where it's a war on men,” says Evans.

We met Evans at the headquarters of Trybe of Kyngs, a fraternal organization Evans started to help men whom he says are lost. “They don't know where they are anymore they don't know where they fit, ‘do I open the door for a woman or do I not?’ Evans said.

Evans hopes his idea of the victimization of men will stop over time, “I’m hoping that society will correct itself in a positive way, there’s less racism today then there was, unless it's directed to white males, there’s less racism today than there was in our parents generations."

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