LDS leader revokes woman's temple recommend for refusing to 'stop talking' about divorce

LDS Church removes woman's Temple recommend for refusing to 'stop talking' about divorce (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) — In audio recordings obtained by MormonLeaks, an LDS leader revoked Tiercy Hadlock's temple recommend after she refused to stop talking about her divorce to members of the Church.

Hadlock was devastated. Her marriage of two decades was falling apart, and she felt compelled to reach out to her friends and talk about the devastating divorce.

“I needed to talk about it. I was blindsided; I was numb," she said.

In Hadlock’s search for advice, help and empathy, her LDS bishop and stake president demanded she stop talking about the divorce. When she didn’t stop, her temple recommend was revoked.

LISTEN: The first recording can be found here on MormonLeaks.

LISTEN: The second recording can be found here on MormonLeaks.

Hadlock, concerned with what she was hearing from her church leaders in meetings, recorded two of her encounters with her stake president.

In one, he admitted her temple recommend had been revoked because of her talking to members of her ward.

“We took your temple recommend away because you emphatically said you would not stop talking about this with other people, that is the singular reason for which your temple recommend was taken away,” said her stake president, who KUTV has chosen not to name.

Hadlock says after the recommend was revoked, her stake president suggested her refusal to stop talking was a serious issue.

“Disagree with me all you want, but to not follow counsel direction from your priesthood leaders, there's a name for that that, called apostasy,” the stake president said.

“I’d like you to reevaluate how you feel about this and whether you can support me as the stake president and your bishop and, if you can’t, Tiercy, we're going to convene a disciplinary council,” the stake president concluded.

Hadlock said her ongoing divorce was leading to depression and, after this meeting, she felt worse than when she entered.

“Sadly, the truth is, I left his office with a desire — a stronger desire — to commit suicide, and that’s not OK,” Hadlock said.

Hadlock said she was upset because her husband at the time had been involved in an emotional affair with a woman in the ward. She said although she was being disciplined, the others were not. Her protests can be heard on the tape.

“They get to do all that and there is no consequence for their behavior, and because I am hurt and struggling and trying to process it, I get my recommend taken away?" Hadlock said. "You took my recommend when I should have been in the temple the most."

Hadlock said the recordings were made last year, but she is only speaking out today because of what she is calling a “perfect storm” of news coverage.

First, the ever-growing #MeToo movement made Hadlock feel emboldened to speak out, she said.

Also, reports that the LDS Church was supportive of a bill that would make it illegal to record another person without their consent, like she did. She also cited Rob Porter, a former adviser to President Donald Trump, who was fired after it was alleged he had beaten his two previous ex-wives, as an inspiration for speaking out. News reports say both women, who are Mormon, went to their bishops but were told by the men that they should stay with Porter because leaving him could be bad for his career.

“I needed to speak my piece, I needed to speak my truth. There is so much in my story that this is the time to share it to get other people help,” Hadlock said.

Hadlock is no longer an active member of the LDS Church, and says she does not want her temple recommend back.

2News reached out to the stake president for a comment, but he did not return our calls.

A spokesperson for the LDS Church did not have a response to our questions.

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