Controversial LDS author tells followers 'peace out'

Controversial LDS author tells followers 'peace out,'

(KUTV) - Mormon author Julie Rowe says she's stepping away from the public light, weeks after the LDS church flagged one of her books as misleading.

"I'm taking my life back - Peace Out," Rowe wrote on her website Monday morning.

Rowe, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, gained national attention after her book, "A Greater Tomorrow: My Journey Beyond The Veil," was placed on list of "spurious materials in circulation" that seminary and institute instructors are told to avoid.

That book detailed Rowe's near-death experience in 2004 and visions she claimed to have had of the chaotic last days.

Some of Rowe's followers speculated the end of the world is imminent. Rowe herself hinted at big things to come in September.

Now, Rowe said she is stepping back.

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"Contracts null and void on energy sessions," Rowe wrote, referring to group healing sessions she helped lead by telephone. "If you have concerns about this please refer to the contracts you have signed and take care of yourself. Need to focus on my own family, my own health, and my own duties, obligations, and responsibilities."

The post goes on to tell readers to repent and prepare for the end of the world.

"That is my additional official statement. Not finished with the work but am finished with this portion of the word," Rowe writes. "Today. Right now. Immediately. No need to wait to start living your greater tomorrow."

Talk of the end of the world also ramped up recently with Sunday's lunar eclipse. Speculation was strong enough to warrant a response from the LDS church last week.

"The writings and speculations of individual Church members, some of which have gained currency recently, should be considered as personal accounts or positions that do not reflect Church doctrine," LDS church spokesman Eric Hawkins said in a statement.

In her latest post, Rowe acknowledged the lunar eclipse saying that it was "beautiful," but did not say anything further about her end-times predictions.

Rowe's posting can be read here.

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