Convicted lawbreaker becomes new Utah lawmaker

    Convicted lawbreaker Phil Lyman becomes new Utah lawmaker. (KUTV)

    He was a convicted misdemeanor lawbreaker; now he’s a new Utah lawmaker.

    Phil Lyman, former San Juan County Commissioner, who led a ride five years ago in Recapture Canyon—which was off limits to ATVs—was sworn in Monday as a new state representative.

    “Do you regret anything about the ATV ride?“ 2News asked Lyman.

    “Yeah, I regret that the US Attorney’s Office listened to Alliance for a Better Utah, instead of looking at the facts,” Lyman responded.

    The alliance said the ride damaged sensitive archeological areas. Lyman spent ten days in jail, money for his “very expensive” legal defense, and eventually launched a winning campaign that has now put him the statehouse.

    He said he continues to be mindful of what he sees as state and federal injustice.

    “I still see the BLM arbitrarily close roads and target people,” Lyman stated. “I see them target ranchers.“

    No fan of the label “firebrand,“ Lyman said he’s a mild-mannered accountant, comfortable in his new legislative role.

    “Being a lawmaker has some real appeal to it, to really make some changes,” he told us.

    His first proposed bill is a measure making it misdemeanor to close some rural roads.

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