Update: Mother, boyfriend arrested in death of 13-day-old boy

Couple charged with murder and child abuse after 13-day-old baby dies (Photo: Chris Jones)

UPDATE: Maria Sullivan was arrested in Georgia Sunday.

(KUTV) - West Jordan police search for a couple accused of killing their 13-day-old baby boy.

According to police, the child suffered broken ribs, bruising, and blood on the brain.

A warrant has been issued for the mother, Maria Sullivan, and her boyfriend, Dylan Kitzmiller. The two were living together in the basement of Kitzmiller's mother's house when the police were called to the scene on Sept. 17, 2017.

Sullivan told police Kitzmiller had been abusing the child and using heroin daily.

Both Sullivan and Kitzmiller are charged with murder and child abuse.

Chris Jones has more on the story.

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