Customers of Carver say concerns remain after reopening

    Customers of Carver say concerns remain after reopening (Photo: KUTV)

    (KUTV) Some customers who recently used cremation and other services at Carver Mortuary in South Salt Lake say despite a ruling that allows the business to re-open they still have concerns.

    Shelly Harris's mother Bonnie died 4 months ago. Hospice and the nursing home recommended Carver, but Harris said she wasn't so sure after seeing it for herself.

    "It was very dirty. It was very gross. I did find unsanitary conditions."

    She said after hearing about the state investigation into the facility for alleged unsanitary conditions, and not properly labeling and possibly mixing ashes, she became sickened.

    "I was just sick. It was so unsettling. We still don't know if we really have my mother's ashes."

    Local mortuaries spoke to 2News off camera. One director said Carver's services -- whether it was cremation or transport -- was used not only by the state, but other mortuaries and they seemed to have a good reputation. Another director said she was shocked to hear that they were being allowed to reopen, expressing her concerns about their standards. Another director told 2News he believed the investigation gave all customers a lack of trust in general with everyone in the business and hoped that would change.

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