Daughter proud of father, LaVoy Finicum, killed by police in Oregon

Daughter proud of father killed by police in Oregon

(KUTV) It was an emotional day in Kanab, Utah Friday, where hundreds traveled to the small town to remember Oregon protester, father and grandfather LaVoy Finicum after he was shot and killed back on Jan. 26 during a traffic stop.

Many of Finicum's immediate family, like Brittney Beck, one of his daughters, was present at the funeral. She expressed her gratitude toward everyone who came.

"My focus today is to honor my dad and remember his life," Beck said.

To Beck, her family and many who knew Finicum, they believe he left a legacy that will continue to live on.

"He was fun, he was a trickster, he loved god, he loved his family and he loved liberty," Finicum said and that's something that Beck said he was willing to die for.

"I'm proud of my dad for standing up for what he believed in."

People from Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California came to honor Finicum for that reason. One of those people is Bob Chellin. He's a Southern Utah resident who didn't know Finicum personally but does know Shawna Cox, one of the eight protestors who were arrested, including Ammon Bundy.

I'm just here to support the rest of the people here and the family," Chellin said.

The gymnasium and the overflow inside the LDS church house that was used for the open casket viewing and the funeral services was packed full.

"My dadhe's just a small town cowboy, this is nothing like what he would have wanted but he would never turned anybody away." Beck said.

Days after Finicums death, FBI released some video of the incident in Oregon, raising questions of whether Finicum was raising his hands or not. Beck said she only sees three things in that video of her father.

"I see my dad running away from his car. In my own interpretation to protect the women that are in there, I see his hands in the air and I see deadly force used."

The past few weeks have been an emotional journey and nightmare for the Finicum Family, more so now that Beck is expecting a new baby and her dad won't be able to play with his grand-baby.

"I can just imagine him up in heaven teaching my baby and voicing my little girl on his knee so it'll be okay. He's still in our lives."

The funeral services were held 1436 S. McAllister Dr. from 2:30 to 4:00 pm.

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