Dead body found in Ogden River

Dead body found in Ogden River. (File photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Four people found a human corpse while tubing down the Ogden River on Tuesday afternoon.

The tubers came to an area obstructed by branches and debris.

They attempted to get around the blocked area, and inadvertently released what they originally thought was a garbage bag. When they realized it was actually a partially submerged body, they contacted police.

Police responded and later identified the decedent as Carl Roper.

Mr. Roper was reported as a missing person on August 27, 2017.

He was last seen fishing along the Ogden River and never returned home.

Detectives learned Mr. Roper would have been fishing in the area along the river, just west of Wall Avenue. He was located roughly .25 of a mile down river from this location.

The cause of death is still under investigation.

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