Deserae Turner said she doesn't hate her shooters, but hates what they did

Deserae Turner (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) — Despite what she said previously in court, Deserae Turner said she doesn't hate the two teens who tried to kill her.

"I realize that I do not hate these boys, I hate what they did to me,” Turner said.

That's what she said at the sentencing of Jayzon Decker, the second teen who pleaded guilty for shooting her in February of 2017.

The judge ultimately handed down the same sentence for Decker as his co-defendant the previous week -- even though he didn't pull the trigger.

Turner spoke after the sentencing, smiling outside a Cache County courtroom:

Everyday is hard, but I am strong, and I am tough, tougher than a bullet. With my family by my side, I can do tough things.

Decker -- convicted in a plot that left Turner in a ditch with a gunshot wound to the head -- was sentenced 15-years to life in prison.

Before Decker was given the same sentence as his co-defendant Colter Peterson, Turner's mother April Turner had some words for him.

"I don't know how someone can display a shell as a trophy when it means they killed somebody. He didn't know she lived,” April Turner said. She also talked about the possible prison sentence for Decker.

"It is better than life they left my daughter with; they chose their actions, they don't get to choose their consequences.”

Decker's mother was also emotional saying she has no idea why her son did this: “How does one put into words?” Billie Jean Decker said the act was completely out of her sons character.

"I cry because of the son, my son took part in such a horrendous act."

A stark difference from Peterson last week, Decker showed little emotion during the hearing. He did tear up a little when he spoke.

"I want to say I am sorry to Deserae and her family for the pain I've caused. I would like to ask for their forgiveness, even if they're unwilling to forgive me," he said.

But the judge was not swayed and still handed down the maximum sentence. “We are pleased with the judge's thoughtful consideration and handing out the maximum penalty on the attempted aggravated murder,” James Swink, Cache County Attorney said.

Deserae Turner said her story is heartbreaking, but she's ready to move on. “This is only a chapter in my life can and will get better. I am going to have my happy ending,” she said.

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