Do you know what the most popular product purchased from an infomercial is in Utah?

The analysts at All Home Connections put together a map of each state’s favorite infomercial product. (Photo: All Home Connections)

(KUTV) -- Have you ever bought a product from an infomercial? You wouldn't be alone.

The analysts at All Home Connections put together a map of each state’s favorite infomercial product.

From the Shake Weight to Shamwow, products to make your daily living more livable are available in televised offerings.

What the analysis of the most popular products purchased found is:

• The west coast - including Utah - favors A-List celebrity endorsed Proactive and fitness enthustiasts selling P90X and the Thigh Master.

• The east coast loves anything that makes their life easier—think Snuggie, Grab-it, and Magic Bullet.

• Minnesota still needs a light to help them pee at night. (Bowl Light).

Top Product by State:

Alabama: George Foreman Grill

Alaska: Magic Bullet

Arizona: Cami Secret

Arkansas: Shake Weight

California: Proactiv

Colorado: P90X

Connecticut: Nutrisystem

Delaware: Snuggie

District of Columbia: OxiClean

Florida: Slice-o-matic

Georgia: Night View Glasses

Hawaii: OxiClean

Idaho: P90X

Illinois: ThighMaster

Indiana: Sticky Buddy

Iowa: Sticky Buddy

Kansas: Ahh Bra

Kentucky: P90X

Louisiana: Potato Express

Maine: Shamwow

Maryland: Night View Glasses

Massachusetts: Showtime Rotisserie

Michigan: Grab It

Minnesota: Bowl Light

Mississippi: Proactiv

Missouri: Ped Egg

Montana: P90X

Nebraska: P90X

Nevada: Proactiv

New Hampshire: My Pillow

New Jersey: Nutrisystem

New Mexico: Proactiv

New York: Aluma wallet

North Carolina: Sani Sticks

North Dakota: George Foreman Grill

Ohio: Ped Egg

Oklahoma: Proactiv

Oregon: Proactiv

Pennsylvania: Grab It

Rhode Island: Magic Bullet

South Carolina: Sticky Buddy

South Dakota: Total Gym

Tennessee: Proactiv

Texas: Proactiv

Utah: P90X

Vermont: Pajama Jeans

Virginia: Sani Sticks

Washington: ThighMaster

West Virginia: Shake Weight

Wisconsin: P90X

Wyoming: Bowflex

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