Do you hear 'LAUREL' or are you pretending you hear 'YANNY?'

Which word do you hear? (Photo: MGN)

(KUTV) — There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who hear "laurel" and those who pretend they hear the world "yanny."

Prepare to have your life come to a screeching halt as you debate with family friends and strangers over what word an audio recording is actually saying. About half of the KUTV newsroom clearly hears the word "laurel" while the rest claim they hear "yanni."

Coworkers who have a long track record of integrity tell me they hear "yanny," but I have my doubts, and I suspect I am being played with a grand prank by being asked to write this story — because the word is indisputable.

She wasn't the source, but the Twitter account of Cloe Feldman seems to be the torch bearer for the debate now, but I am not sure she can be trusted; she claims to hear "yanny." Anyway, click and listen and then vote on our Facebook or Twitter polls.

If you are immediately reminded of the controversial dress — blue or gold, depending on who you ask — you aren't alone. That visual trickery split the internet in half and is the visual representation of the audio recording.

The oldest reference we found was a Reddit post that called it Black Magic, but the link comes with an adult language warning. There are just enough people there claiming to hear the other word that it might give one pause. Others are trying to use reason to explain what is happening.

The KUTV newsroom apparently isn't the only one divided.

Others have resorted to visuals to make the decision, but I actually talked with a room full of people just yesterday who mostly didn't know who Laurel and Hardy were and the one claiming knowledge said they were British comedians, so, that many not even help if a whole generation don't know Laurel or Yanni.

This Nerd It Up YouTube video tries to explain it all but he might just be ruining all the fun.

While we are on the topic, here is Laurel and Hardy, followed by Yanni below.

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