doTerra launching in-house health insurance, on-site medical clinic for employees

    doTerra launching in-house health insurance, on-site medical clinic for employees (Photo: KUTV)

    (KUTV) A Utah County company is starting a bold new experiment on health care.

    Essential oils company doTerra is bypassing traditional health insurance and creating its own in-house program for employees and their families.

    As part of it, doTerra executives say they plan to build a new, 40,000-square foot medical clinic at their headquarters in Pleasant Grove.

    "I think it's an exciting time that we're in," said Dr. David Hill, doTerra chief medical officer. He said the program will take effect in 2018. "It's more cost effective and you get better and more dynamic care."

    Hill, one of the visionaries behind the idea, said if this project is successful in Utah County, the company hopes to expand it nationwide.

    "I think we're following suit with larger corporations like ourselves who are providing healthcare for their employees in house, on staff, with physicians and proper medical care at greatly discounted rates," Hill said.

    Specific numbers aren't available yet. Hill wouldn't say if employees will need to pay a premium. And on its website, doTerra recommends employees keep some form of private health insurance for catastrophic events.

    "It's not something that we want to eliminate," Hill said, "but we feel like it's something that we can greatly augment."

    Ashley Hess, works at doTerra in external relations, said she is excited about this change and is willing to give it a try.

    "I don't know other companies -- at least around here -- that are doing that," Hess said. "It's exciting."

    Hill said the new health care clinic will be a mix of traditional medicine and non-traditional medicine like essential oils. It's scheduled to open early 2019, he said.

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