Fight over 'Education Savings Accounts' brewing

(KUTV) -- Republican candidate for Governor Jonathan Johnson and his running-mate Robyn Bagley want to bring an Arizona style education law to Utah.

They want to start Education Savings Accounts. The plan would allow parents to take money from the state school fund and use it to finance their child's education.

Parents could spend the money on a private school, or home schooling.

"We're looking to localize and personalize education," Bagley said. "A vote for us is a vote for more power for parents."

Governor Gary Herbert and Democratic candidate for governor Mike Weinhotlz both oppose those accounts.

"I think they are education vouchers by another name, and the people of Utah rejected education vouchers," Weinholtz said.

Back in 2007, Bagley was a leader on the losing side in the voucher battle. She and Johnson will fight for school choice again.

"'I'll be a big supporter of getting it done both in the legislature and a referendum, " Johnson said. "It's the principle of letting parents have the money to personalize their own children's education."

Bagley is currently the principal of Career Path School, a charter school in Kaysville. Her school has a low graduation rate, but Bagley says its improving.

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