Evacuated Riverdale residents worried more snow could bring down homes

Riverdale residents evacuate amid landslide. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) - Every time major weather hits the Wasatch Front some Riverdale homeowners are left wondering if this is the storm that will bring enough water to take their homes down an eroding hill.

Three homes on 600 West are under mandatory evacuations but residents said Friday’s storm they could see more land falling behind their homes.

This landslide started at the end of November. Geologists then said this shifting could last weeks or even up to a year.

Now, even neighbors across the street are starting to get worried, “This whole spot here used to slope, like that and this is just a drop off now.” Tyler Butterfield keeps a close eye on the landslide even though a street is between it and his home, “The uncertainty right now is frustrating and it’s hard to deal.” He’s lived in his home for two years now and never imagined a landslide happening in his neighborhood, “I noticed that the hole is getting bigger where the earth and sand is rushing down the hill.”

Watching his neighbors get evacuated he said has been scary and with snow coming down and spring on the way, he fears for what’s to come, “More water will come, we don’t know how much and what it’s going to do to the hillside back there,” he said. He’s worried about with he will lose, “We are not out of our home yet but there’s not value and there’s no equity anymore,” he said.

He is also concerned about who he will be able to rely on, “I wish we had more reassurance and felt like the city was more on our side and reassuring us that they are here for us the citizens,” he said.

KUTV reached out to Riverdale City officials for comment but did not hear back.

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