LISTEN: Audio recording from a very ill-sounding Josh Holt

Venezuelan tycoon funds defense for Utah's Josh Holt, jailed more than a year (Photo: Holt family)

(KUTV) - Justice for Josh, a Facebook group supporting imprisoned Josh Holt, has released an audio recording allegedly from Holt, who is imprisoned in Venezuela.

Listen to the audio below (video is meant to be in black):

The Facebook post says: "We received a message from Josh and it is NOT good. We NEED him out NOW, so he can get the medical attention he needs (and Thamy). Please pray for them and hope they release them on humanitarian grounds as they should be. Please share. #JusticeForJosh #Trump #freejoshandthamy ps. We gotta make this blow up please share around the world. Thank you #Donaldtrump."

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