Family of missing Utah couple frustrated as Arizona investigators running into dead ends

    Jerry and Susan McFalls, missing since January. (Photo: Courtesy McFalls family)

    (KUTV) — A frustrated, impatient Utah family is pleading for help as the search for the missing Littlefield, Arizona couple, Susan and Jerry McFalls, stretches into month number five. The couple’s daughter-in-law, Meridee McFalls, saud patiece is running thin within the family.

    “One hundred and thirty eight days today since we’ve talked to mom and dad last," McFalls said. “We’re hanging in there. It gets tougher with every day that passes. No answers and no closer than we were on day one.”

    For the first time since the couple went missing in January, investigators with the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office sat down with 2News and, in detail, talked about the case.

    “We want to give them those answers but we have to go off the information we receive and right now it’s been very limited. Every lead that we’ve followed up on, for the most part, has led us down a dead end road,” Sheriff Doug Shuster said.

    Shuster, feels for the family, and said he and his team of skilled detectives and deputies are working as hard as they possibly can to move forward in this case and find the McFalls couple.

    “We’ve done a full and extensive search of the entire area. We’ve, had ground patrol out there from our search going out into the desert surrounding property looking for any sign.” Shuster said, “We’ve issued search warrants on certain vehicles and we have gathered some evidence. That evidence is currently at the crime lab.”

    McFalls has seen improvement in the investigation, she believes this should not have been seen as a missing persons case anymore. She believes it should be looked at as a “double homicide” case now.

    “We knew the condition they left their house in . they did not leave on their own accord,” McFalls said.

    Shuster said he is “heartfelt” for what the family is dealing with right now but unless the evidence comes back and shows there was some foul play, enough to investigate it as a homicide, then they need to keep their eyes open and stick to the facts that they have.

    “If I could snap my fingers today to solve it, Lord knows I would,” Shuster said.

    Tonight on KUTV 2 News at 5 and 6 hear more from investigators regarding the missing couple and how one big “bump” in the road could have possibly helped solve this case months ago.

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