DEA agents raid Daybreak home, cracking down on suspected fake Rx pills

DEA agents raid Daybreak home, cracking down on suspected fake RX pills (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) - DEA agents investigated a drug trafficking organization spanning over multiple states and agents said they were focused on a neighborhood in Utah.

Agents raided a home Friday at Daybreak in South Jordan where a suspected counterfeit prescription pills operation believed to in the home.

Police stressed they aren't sure if the pills are the dangerous Fentanyl or a mix of some other chemicals or drugs.

Lisette Mcewan lives next door and knew the family, “Dad, mom, nice people, open friendly,” she said.

Many neighbors were shocked to see the DEA agents carrying out all the evidence boxes from the home throughout the day. McEwan said there was a lot of activity at the house but the family who moved in last summer seemed pretty normal, “I know there's been traffic going, especially evenings people coming and going,” she said.

The DEA confirmed it's investigating a drug trafficking organization at the home Indigo Sky Way and another location in West Jordan, they served three search warrants total in Utah and some others in other states. Brian Besser is the District Agent in Charge for DEA in Utah, “They're also responsible for the manufacturing and cultivation of bulk amounts of cannabis as well.” Besser said these bogus fentanyl pills can be life-threatening, “They're extremely dangerous. We consider them extremely deadly,” he said.

Dozens of South Jordan Police Officers, SLC Metro Narcotics Taskforce, West Jordon Police, HSI, IRS and US Marshal, assisted DEA agents with the bust, it was quite the scene for residents waking up, “About 15 DEA swat officers fully armed automatic weapons came walking out of the house,” said Arnie Lingwall who lives a couple houses down from the home.

DEA agents said this is part of a year-long investigation and four people were arrested in Friday’s bust, three in Utah, one in another state.

“It's real life, it's the world, some people can get on the wrong path and unfortunately that happened to them, hopefully, they get back on the right path," said McEwan.

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