First conviction in Utah from backlogged rape kit tests

First conviction in Utah from backlogged rape kit tests (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Ramon Alexander Santos-Chavez appears to have drugged a woman while she was at her friends house and then later raped her. Police did an investigation and conducted a rape kit on the woman, but for some reason the kit languished on a shelf in an evidence locker for years before, thanks in part to a grant from the US Deptment Of Justice, it was finally tested, and Santos-Chavez DNA was discovered.

Then he was arrested.

Santos-Chavez was deported from the country in 2014, but the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office filed charges against him in 2017. At some point he sneaked back into the United States and was arrested in Colorado. That's when law enforcment got a match.

Santos-Chavez admitted to the crime and is currently serving up to five years in the Utah State Prison. Since the testing began, 1,300 of the 1,750 rape kits have been tested, 150 suspects have been identified, nine cases filed and Santos-Chavez convicted.

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